Stéphane’s Posting for Oct. 20, 2011


We are back again in the middle of a huge storm, pounding us with rain and wind, relentlessly! It’s been 2 days now. Yesterday, we were able to open nets for about 2 hours, catching one chickadee and recapturing another one, as well as a banded Hermit Thrush! Today, it was a sleep-in morning,with banana pancakes and coffee next to a cozy fire in the wood stove.

Some birds have taken shelter in Wingfield Basin: a lone White-winged Scoter was here today; and, as I write, there’s a Horned Grebe diving for food, as well as a small group of 9 Common Mergansers.

Birds I forgot to mention previously: I was surprised to see a lone Double-crested Cormorant flying above the station on Tuesday. It has been a while since they left the area. As well, it was very neat to see a young Red-headed Woodpecker.