Webinar Series 2019: Nocturnal aerial Insectivores on the Bruce Peninsula

BPBO shares its stewardship work on nocturnal aerial insectivores with the public

Over the past two years, through the financial support of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Habitat Stewardship Program, BPBO has been working hard to improve our knowledge of three nocturnal species at risk that live amongst us on the Upper Bruce Peninsula: the Eastern Whippoorwill, the Common Nighthawk, and the Little Brown Myostis (Little Brown Bat). We have surveyed the forests, fields and wetlands, used remote recording devices, and even captured one of the species to fit seven individuals with tiny “nanotags” to track their movements. 

This webinar summarizes this work and explores some potential conservation implications and next steps towards keeping local populations of these threatened species healthy on the upper Bruce Peninsula.  The following links lead to recordings of a webinar presented on March 14, 2019 about the project. For more information contact us at infobpbo@gmail.com


The Bruce Peninsula is a regional priority area of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s(ECCC) Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP) Species At Risk (SAR)Stream due to its hight biodiversity value and its unique biological/ecological landscapes where a high concentration of SAR are found.

Below are the links that are a webinar recording of the findings of the study that was completed.

Topic: First Part (Re-recorded) BPBO Aerial Insectivore Webinar Part 1 rerecorded

Start Time : Mar 14, 2019 3:45 p.m.

Webinar #1

Topic: Second Part – BPBO Webinar: In support of our nocturnal aerial insectivores on the Upper Bruce

Start Time : Mar 14, 2019 11:54

Webinar #2