Stéphane’s Post for Oct. 05/10

A Flotilla of Mergansers!

On Wingfield Basin this morning, there were 37 Common Mergansers swimming and fishing together. It was a neat sight, this tightly formed flotilla of feathers. They would all swim in the same direction, leaving sparkling wakes, and suddenly paddling frenetically on the water before diving under all at once! Or almost all at once as one or 2 were left behind on the surface. After a very brief time, they would bob up at the surface. and start the process all over again…

In the category “may these are the last ones of the year”, we had today one Turkey Vulture and 5 Cedar Waxwings.

Otherwise, it was another relatively slow day despite the gorgeous weather. But just like yesterday, it was raining over the lower Great Lakes, maybe not an incentive to fly south.