Andrew’s Posting for Aug. 14th – Aug. 20th

BPBO Fall 2012 Banding Season Kicks Off At Cabot Head.

Nets were opened on August 14th and the migration monitoring season began. There has been a large number of Red-breasted Nuthatches around and on the 14th 11 were banded followed by a few more on the 15th. 10 species of warbler have been banded since the 14th including many American Redstarts, Canada, Black-throated Green, Black-throated Blue, Black-and-white, Nashville, Mourning, Myrtle and Magnolia Wabler and Common Yellowthroat. Flycatchers have been common as well with Eastern Pheobe, Least and Traill’s Flycatcher. On the 19th asingle adult Bald Eagle was seen gliding over Middle Bluff along with several Turkey Vultures. A Sharp-shinned Hawk was banded on the 17th and another individual has been hanging around the area. There are also 3 or 4 Merlins and a Red-tailed Hawk was seen watching the Pine Barrens. Sandhill Cranes have been observed daily and Double-crested Cormorants number in the hundreds. An Indigo Bunting was banded and a Purple Finch was recaptured on the 20th. Warm weather and unfavorable winds seem to have kept any large movements of migrants from flying in. An adult female Black Bear and her cub unfortunately ran through Net 13 rendering its lower panels virtually useless. River Otters have been using the Gargantua shipwreck as hotel for the last couple of days. A excellent first week, hope to see many more birds in the coming weeks!