Stéphane’s Posting for Sept. 26/10

Sightings to lift up one’s spirit!

On an overcast and rather cool morning, on Sunday September 26, with the north wind whipping up frosty caps on Georgian Bay, a family reunion of some sorts was happening in the sky. Four (4!) Blad Eagles were seen flying together, 2 adults and 2 young of the year. It was quite a sight!

Bald Eagles have been a regular presence at Cabot Head this fall, with almost daily sightings. It is more than possible that they are breeding in the Cabot Head area… (3 immatures – most likelysecond-year olds – seen together riding the north wind on Tuesday, September 27).

On the same Sunday morning, amidst a flock of 10 Common Ravens, a Peregrine Falcon was soaring and diving, but being also dove at by some bold ravens.

Still the same day, towards the grassy opening commonly but wrongly designated as the Pine Barrens, there was a male Black-backed Woodpecker, scaling off bark at the base of a Jack Pine. After giving us marvelous views, despite the fine rain, it got chased off by a red squirrel! It returned to the tree, only to get chased once again by a very protective squirrel, this time never to return. It was the only third recorded presence of a Black-backed Woodpecker at Cabot Head, under the current protocols! (the first 2 ones were captured and duly banded)

Always keep your eyes and your ears (and your heart) open!