Stéphane’s Posting for Oct. 20/10

An Unexpected Recapture

Yesterday, on October 19th, among the very few birds captured, we got a Blue Jay with already a band. We checked our records, and sure enough, it was banded by us here at Cabot Head, on August 16th, 2007! Not many Blue Jays are banded at the station, and even less are recaptured. It was the first time this special one has ever been recaptured. We can only wonder where it has been during these 3 years…

Today is unseasonably warm, as a very strong South wind is pushing warm air in the area and hundreds (!) of leaves in our nets! The wind increased throughout the morning to a point where we had to close the nets. Because of all the leaves in them, it took the 2 of us more than an hour to do so, when it usually takes about 20 minutes! Despite the fury in the air, it was very quiet bird- and capture-wise: only 8 birds were banded and 4 recaptured!

A mink was seen by Maggie stalking a chipmunk… And then by myself running down the driveway with it in its jaws! The endless cycle of life and death.