Stéphane’s Posting for Oct. 18/10

On the Quieter Side of Fall

It seems that we are now on a calmer time, with most of the birds on the sunny side of migration. It has slowed down considerably these last few days, with now mostly Black-capped Chickadees being seen and captured in some numbers. The hordes of Kinglets have dwindled to stragglers. Even Sparrows are sparse.

But who knows? Maybe more birds are in store, awaiting their turn to move through. I would suspect not, as migration usually slows down in the second part of October. But it is not over till at least the Snow Buntings and the Northern Shrikes have arrived, these 2 species being among the latest to be recorded at Cabot Head before we finally take down the nets on October 31st.

For now, let’s enjoy the colors in the sun!