Stéphane’s Posting for Nov. 05/10

A Few Numbers

This fall, a total of 143 species were observed during the migration monitoring period. A new species for the Cabot Head area was observed, a Boreal Chickadee, on October 29. Other noteworthy sightings include: an adult Trumpeter Swan, on October 3; a young male Hooded Warbler, on October 4; 4, 6, and even 7 different Bald Eagles on the same days; a Golden Eagle on October 15; and so much more…

A grand total of 1890 birds of 73 species were banded, with 508 Golden-crowned Kinglets, the most abundant species in the nets! It is the third-highest total for the fall season.

It was an excellent season, as I said before, with great volunteers, great birds, and great weather. I especially enjoyed the flurries on the last day!

See you guys next spring!