Stéphane’s Post for Sept. 21/10

The  Last (?) Breath of Summer

And what a breath it is!

When night was slowly surrendering to dawn, huge thunderstorms rolled in over Cabot Head, shattering the silent darkness. After pouring out their hearts, they moved on to other shores. Then, a great south wind arose, bringing warmth and shaking trees!

Summer is still kicking and screaming, when everybody has already written him off.

In these conditions, with wind screaming and trees trembling, no nets are open but birds can still be observed. Like the Blackpoll Warbler amongst a loose flock of about 20 Yellow-rumped Warblers. Or the Red-eyed Vireos in no hurry to go on their long flight to the Amazon forest. Or the GCKI acting as if they own the place (which, in many respects, they do!).

The wind is so strong today that there are whitecaps in the small Wingfield Basin and that the lonely boat has been struggling to find a safe anchorage, having moved at least 4 times already…