Stéphane’s Post for Sept 15/10

Eagle Day!

Today, Wednesday September 6, was an eagle day at Cabot Head. First of all, Matthias’ keen eyes detected some black specks high in the sky.  They turned out to be 2 adult Bald Eagles soaring together, with their legs dangling from time to time. They climbed down, still together, and finally disappeared below the trees.

Soon afterward, a young Bald Eagle was seen flying towards Middle Bluff, where it perched in a big tree on the East side of the bluff.  At some point in the morning, it was joined by two other young Bald Eagles! Despite the bad light, it seems that they all were young of the year… And they all were perched in the same tree, apparently without any discord among them.

As the morning was slowly drawing to an end, another Bald Eagle appeared on the western horizon. It crossed Wingfield Basin, aiming for Middle Bluff. And sure enough, it went for the big tree where already 3 Eagles were perched. It perched there too, without creating any reaction in the other ones, besides maybe some shifting of legs…

We could observe for the rest of the morning in the spotting scope a tree heavily laden with eagles!

Including the 2 adults early on, it is a grand total of 6 Bald Eagles that were observed at the station this morning! Wow, I say!

In the afternoon, during a little hike, the first White-crowned Sparrow (a young) of the fall was seen on the driveway, as well as the first Horned Larks (5 individuals) on the shoreline.