Stéphane’s Post for Sept. 14/10

The Kinglets Are Arriving!

Today, September 14th, the first Golden-crowned Kinglets arrived! As a tiny ball of green feathers, they bring lightness to the woods and activity at the nets. We only got 6 GCKI (Golden-crowned Kinglets, pronounced GEEKY) in the nets, but they are harbingers of things to come.

It seems that once again the Earth tilt is inexorably bringing us into a season change: most of the warblers are gone now, and sparrows, chickadees, and kinglets are taking over.

On the furry side of life, the station scientist had his pulse slightly quickened when he saw a black bear walking towards him in small shrubs. The bear suddenly stopped, just 15 meters away, stood up on its hind legs to better grasp the encounter, then quickly dropped back on 4 legs, turned around, and sped away.

Another bear was seen in the woods in the afternoon by the crew on a hike…