Stéphane’s Blog for May 16, 2011

The Return of the Long Johns!

A few days ago, very foolishly, I declared the end of the Long Johns season. What was I thinking? It is only mid-May after all. So, we’re back in winter clothing! The last 2 days, we have been pounded by a strong and cold North wind, which kept most of the nets closed and most of the birds away. At least, it was not raining like it did all day on Saturday (although after 8 AM, which means we managed to open the nets a bit).

But with rain further south, a strong North wind here, with cool temperatures, birds were scarce: on the census this morning, only 17 species were detected! We could have that many in just warblers at this time of year…

Let’s say migration is taking a little break!

The Summer Tanager was last seen on Saturday morning, all wet and miserable. On Sunday, a Peregrine Falcon zoomed by, unconcerned by wind, cold, or anything else for that matter.

And that’s about it!