Stépahne’s Blog for May 04, 2011

Rain or Shine

Yesterday, May 3, it was a very calm day, with overcast conditions and a light drizzle that started right after the nets got closed and lasted all afternoon. It was a slow day at the nets and in the sky, with lots of recaptures of recently banded birds, a good indication that conditions were not conducive to migrating. We got our first Orange-crowned Warbler (in the nets), new species for the spring, as they continue to trickle down.

Again, the 2 first-year Golden Eagles were seen together, although very shortly this time, trying to get some lift over Middle Bluff. On a rock by the Wingfield Basin shore, an adult Bald Eagle was eating a fish while the 3-year-old Bald Eagle boddly tried and succeeded in stealing bits of the adult meal! The adult barely protested, which shows that the fierce and mighty raptor can easily go along with its kin (the congregations in Alaska and BC are certainly a good proof of it; we are just not accustomed here to see several Bald Eagles together).

At night, the first Whip-poor-will was heard! Very distant and for a short time, but a sure sign of spring! Along with today’s dragonfly and water snake, it tells us that spring is in the air!

Today, May 4, was the opposite of yesterday, with a clear blue sky and a bright shining sun! Still, not very many birds, certainly no influx of warblers… The only remarkable bird of the day was a female American Black Duck, a species rarely seen at Cabot Head.