Baillie Birdathon Fundraiser Supports BPBO Programs

BPBO recently received its share of funds generated through the 2011 Baillie Birdathon.  Supporters designated funds through the Baillie fund to BPBO, with just under $2,000 coming to BPBO!   All of these funds have gone directly to support BPBO’s important migration monitoring program on the Bruce Peninsula.

(l-r) BPBO past-president Ted Cheskey, current president Rod Steinacher & Nicaraguan intern Luis Valerio look for birds on the Cabot Head Pine Barrens during the 2010 Baillie Birdathon fund raiser.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed  in 2012, either by directly donating, or by getting out there, securing pledges, and completing their own birdathon big day!!

In 2013, BPBO is again looking for financial support through the Baillie Birdathon.  Plans are not yet finalized, but there will definitely be some “big days” being completed to support BPBO.  Please make a generous pledge, perhaps to the person you supported in 2012, or by PLEDGING DIRECTLY ON-LINE (click here) at the Bird Studies Canada website, where more information about the 2011 Baillie Birdathon is also available.

Let’s make next year’s 2013 Baillie Birdathon even more successful than last year!

Donations for Operating Expenses & Station Equipment

As a “not-for-profit” “charitable” organization, BPBO depends heavily on the generosity of others to continue its programs and activities.  BPBO is also able to issue tax receipts for monetary donations.

The Cabot Head Research Station is constantly in need of replacement furniture and kitchenware.  Items such as chesterfields, chairs, and tables (in good repair), and glasses, bowls, cutlery, etc. are high on the list of needed items.

Cash donations, aimed at helping BPBO continue is Migration Monitoring and Education/Outreach Programs is also appreciated.  Please contact BPBO’s President, Rod Steinacher, to discuss making a donation.

‘Legacy’ Donations  & the Endowed Fund                                                                                                                                  

You can help ensure that BPBO will continue its vital work in monitoring wild bird populations by directing funds to the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory  ‘Endowed Fund’.

Generous supporters of the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory now have the opportunity to invest in our future programming  through contributions to the” new” Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory Endowment Fund. For one year, a Matched Funding opportunity, through the Community Foundation Grey Bruce, will match any donations made on a 2/1 basis. For every 2 dollars raised, the Foundation will match 1 dollar. All donations will receive a charitable receipt from CFGB.  This offer by CFGB will end September 15, 2012.

It is hoped that both members of the public and corporate sources will contribute to this fund.  While it is not specifically a “bequest” fund, remembering BPBO in you will would be a great way to support the organization.  Donations, which could also take the form of real estate, would be processed by the Community Foundation of Grey Bruce, and would not be subject to the usual taxes.  You are invited to contact Roberta Brignell, Director of CFGB, to discuss financial details and options for directed donations for the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory.

You can also direct your donation cheque (made payable to “BPBO Endowed Fund”) to “BPBO Administrator, 1205 Dyers Bay Road, RR 1, Miller Lake ON N0H 1Z0”.

One generous member of the public has already made a $5,000 donation to BPBO’s ‘Endowed Fund’  (fall 2010), which is much appreciated!!

Contributions to the BPBO Endowed Fund made after the September 15, 2012 deadline, while not receiving the 50% match, will be greatly appreciated.  The Endowed Fund is here for the long run!