Stéphane’s Blog for April 18, 2011

First birds banded!

The storm lingered in early morning today, with overcast skies and a still strong Northwest wind. Finally, the wind started to die down, allowing some nets to be open. In total, 10 nets were open for 3 hours. And we got birds! Only 6 birds were caught, showing how little activity there is in the aftermath of the cold and snowy weather of yesterday. The first bird banded this year is a Hermit Thrush! A couple of Juncos and Golden-crowned Kinglets were also captured, as well as one Chickadee.

There was no big display of birds of prey today, but still, 3 Bald Eagles were seen. On Georgian Bay, one lone Horned Grebe was fishing near shore. Further away, a small raft of 5 Long-tailed Ducks was spied. Among several Juncos, there was one American Tree Sparrow.


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