“Off-the-Grid” Energy Conservation at CHRS

** It is important to note that BPBO has completed its exciting “off-the-grid” energy project.   People using the CHRS site will find it operating on its own solar panels and propane appliances.  You are reminded that personal energy conservation measures, such as reduced water and electrical consumption, are the environmental responsibility of everyone using the facility.


Energy Saving Suggestions

1. Please run water only when necessary (e.g. brushing teeth, doing dishes, flushing toilet) all of water must be pumped from the well (and from the septic holding tank!).

2. Use warm water instead of straight hot, if possible … all of our water is heated by propane (which must be brought to the site).

3. Please use the “small flush” button on the toilets, if possible (while recognizing that the “large flush” button may be necessary sometimes!).

4. Showers are available (although we’re all friends here!), but should be quick.

5. Electrical energy consumption should be kept to a minimum … all of the electricity used at the station is produced here; either by solar panels or (as a backup when the storage batteries run down) by a noisy, gasoline-hungry generator.

6. Lights must be turned off when not in use.

7. Consider using a flashlight/headlamp to get around the site & inside the buildings at night.

8. Please limit the use of personal electronic devices.  The ‘city’ really is the best place for them!  CHRS is a great place to catch up on reading, etc.

9. *** NO CANDLES, please (except in the event of a complete power failure), as they pose a greatly increased fire hazard.

10. Bring plenty of warm clothing and bedding (needed even in the summer, beside that big cold lake) to reduce the amount of space heating needed in the buildings.

The CHRS is a very special place, and staying here provides a unique opportunity to both enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings and to act in an environmentally responsible way.  Please assist us in helping the environment by doing your share.

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