Cabot Head Research Station Open House

Stephane Menu, open house 2015
Stephane Menu, open house 2015

 Open House at the Cabot Head Research Station…

Saturday,  September 28, 2019


The board and staff wish to invite you to our annual open house at beautiful Cabot Head.(map)

from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What to expect…

Light refreshments, bird banding demonstrations, casual bird walks and a fantastic view .

There will be a van at the gates of the Research Station to shuttle people to the facilities.  Or it is a pleasant walk in on your own. Be aware there is Poison Ivy in the area.

This event is weather dependent.  Rain or wind will prevent the mist nets

Adult Male Scarlet Tanager
Adult Male Scarlet Tanager

from being used to capture the birds.

Come and see what we do!