BPBO’s Nicaraguan Intern Returns Home

Norlan has made it back to his home on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua on October 13, 2011.  His 4 week stay was a real success!!  Norlan made two visits to the primary classrooms at St. Edmund’s School, in Tobermory, where he spoke to the boys and girls about his bird education and environmental conservation efforts on Ometepe Island.  He brought gifts from primary students on Ometepe, and went home loaded down with messages and gifts from our students.  Norlan visited Bruce Peninsula  National Park and toured its operations, as well as attending a meeting of the Bruce Peninsula Environment Group.  During this busy time, Norlan worked hard at improving his identification skills of fall migrating birds at the Cabot Head Research Station, which BPBO operates.  Despite the cold temperatures (about 20 degrees cooler than Ometepe Island this time of year!!), Norlan had a great time.

Norlan Zambrana, BPBO’s 27 year old volunteer intern from Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua, arrived at the Cabot Head Research Station after a grueling 21 hour journey over two full days.  Although quite jet-lagged, Norlan was excited to have finally reached the station.  While here until October 13, Norlan will be assisting with the migration monitoring program at CHRS, and also learning some new techniques and skills in bird identification and banding.  This is valuable experience for Norlan, as about 30% of “our” birds migrate to, or through, Nicaragua in Central America.

Norlan with a group of Ometepe Island primary students. That Swainsons Thrush in his hand may have nested on, or migrated through, the Bruce!!

Norlan has been very active in his home community of Media, Alta Gracia, working a great deal with local children, especially the younger ones.  Isla de Ometepe (Ometepe Island, for more information, click here) was declared a world biosphere reserve in July of 2010, and joins the Bruce Peninsula in that special group of international locals.  Nicaragua’s environment is currently under extreme pressure, and Ometepe is an important area to preserve.  A major thrust in its protection is through education, and by educating young children they can form a positive environment ethic at an early age.  They will also, hopefully, educate their own families as well.

The very cute primary class of the school in the Isla de Ometepe World Biosphere Reserve.

While volunteering at the station, Norlan will be interacting with several groups of students at the Bruce Peninsula’s two schools, as well as students visiting the Cabot Head Research Station.

Classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12 will have a chance to hear him speak about birds and his Ometepe Island home.  Norlan will also be visiting the Bruce’s national parks and local environmental groups while he is here.

We are very fortunate to have Norlan visiting us, and we look forward to him becoming known in the local community.

Welcome , Norlan!

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  1. A large number of bird species which pass through Cabot Head and the upper Bruce spend part of their non-breeding seasons in Nicaragua. This beautiful country also has the highest rate of deforestation in Central America, and its natural systems are under threat from wood removal, and some forms of agriculture. Please support the work we are doing in Nicaragua by welcoming Norlan to Canada and helping him feel at home.