Best Wishes!

With our ear to the ground, we can hear the soft whispers of the Earth sending wishes from all over. Listening intently, I tried to translate these murmurs and identify their senders.

“From Brazil with love!”, Red-eyed Vireo and Veery deep in the Amazon Forest

“Feliz Navidad!” from the cloud forests of the Colombian Andes, Canada Warbler and Olive-sided Flycatcher

“Pura Vida de Costa Rica”, Nashville Warbler and Baltimore Oriole, drinking nectar to our health

“Viva la Revolucion!”, American Redstart and Black-throated Blue Warbler taking shelter in Cuba

“Hey y’all!” Yellow-rumped Warbler and Palm Warbler happily mixing in the swamps and myrtle bushes of the barrier islands of the Carolinas,

“Bro! Wassup?”, White-throated Sparrow and Sharp-shinned Hawk in a tug of war in the forests and woodlots of New York State

And, finally, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in the fields and pastures of the Bruce Peninsula from Snowy Owl and Rough-legged Hawk… and the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory and myself!

We, birds and humans alike, will all come back next spring to Cabot Head research Station for another exciting season!

See you there!

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