Andrew’s Posting for September 24th to 29th

Early Migrants blown into Cabot Head.

Winds blowing from the North brought cold temperatures along with many migrating birds from their nesting grounds. On the 24th we banded 47 birds of 17 species. Golden-crowned Kinglet was the bird of the day with 17 banded we also banded Ruby-crowned Kinglet, our first Hermit Thrush of the fall, Blue-headed Vireo, Blackpoll Warbler, White-throated Sparrow, Eastern White-crowned Sparrow, Slate-coloured Junco and our first Pine Siskin for the year. We observed over 100 Golden-crowned Kinglets and 41 Pine Siskins for the day as well as 6 Sandhill Cranes. Species composition for the 25th was similar to the 24th with Golden-crowned Kinglet making up the bulk of our banded birds. We banded 89 birds of 19 species including: Lincoln’s Sparrow, Black-throated Green and Blue, Nashville, Magnolia, Myrtle and Orange-crowned Warblers, Swainson’s Thrush, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Brown Creeper, 13 Red-breasted Nuthatches and 7 Black-capped Chickadees. We also observed 16 Northern Flickers, Pileated Woodpecker and DOwny Woodpecker. On the 26th Myrtle Warbler moved through strongly with 19 banded and over 100 observed also Western-palm, Blackpoll and Nashville Warblers were banded. Kinglets dropped off with less than 20 observed. Sparrows were around with 30 White-Throated and Eastern White Crowned hanging around the cottage we also banded a Swamp Sparrow and a Slate-coloured Junco. For the day we banded 49 birds of 12 species.  2 Hairy Woodpecker were also seen and a Mourning Dove showed and hung around for the day. The 27th was slower than the previous day for birds we banded 27 birds of 10 species including Common Yellowthroat, Orange-crowned Warbler, Brown Creeper, Golden-crowned Kinglet, White-throated and Eastern White-crowned Sparrow. Daily totals for White-throated and White-crowned sparrow were both above 50 and we had 28 Northern Flickers for the day, 2 Merlins were also seen and a Mourning Dove. On the 28th we banded 42 birds of 12 species. We banded our first Fox Sparrow of the year as well as White-throated, White-crowned Sparrow and Slate-coloured Junco. Our first Brown Thrasher of the this fall was banded as well as 28 Golden-crowned Kinglets.  As the fall creeps on banding stations in Ontario begin to open nets at night in the hope catching Northern Saw-whet Owls among others. The night of the 28th we banded our first Saw-whet. The 29th was a step up from the past few days in terms of birds stopping over and flying through the area. We banded 91 birds of 18 species and observed 40 species for the day. Sparrows were everywhere with over 200 of both White-throated and White-crowned Sparrows observed. Slate-coloured Junco, Swamp, Song, Fox and Savannah Sparrow were also seen. Over 50 Western Palm Warbler were seen and 13 banded as well as 31 Myrtle Warblers banded and over 300 moving through. Nashville and Tennessee Warbler moved through with 6  and 2 banded. 4 Hermit Thrush were banded as well as only 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets a big change from the previous days. 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet was also banded and 4 Brown Creepers and Red-breasted Nuthatches. All Woodpeckers that are regular in southern Ontario accept Red-headed Woodpecker were seen or banded. Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied and Pileated Woodpecker, Northern Flicker and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker were all observed during census. We also banded a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. We banded our 2nd Yellow-billed Cuckoo of this fall. Pine Siskins were flying over in good numbers with over 100 observed and 3 White-winged Crossbills were seen during census. Big thunderstorms moving in today might stall migration for a while but these storm can also push migrants down piling them up at some locations so keep an eye out because over the next few days North Bruce Peninsula could be crawling with birds.