Andrew’s Post for August 15th to 21st

Welcome back to August 15th and the beginning of fall migration at Cabot Head. The volunteers worked to clear the nets and get the nets up for the 15th. Light west winds and dominated the first week and the usual suspects were present in decent numbers. On the night of the 15th a thunderstorm rolled in but didn’t affect banding the following day. As usual american redstarts were the most common banded bird for the week with more than 50 banded of these local breeders banded. Typical neo-tropical warblers have started to move through with Canada warbler, common yellowthroat, ovenbird, black-and-white warbler, black-throated green warbler, black-throated blue warbler, Cape May warbler, yellow warbler and Nashville warbler were all banded in low numbers. Large numbers of cedar waxwings have been flying around eating the numerous and varied species of berries produced this year with large flocks observed every day. Flycatchers are around in low numbers with least, Traill’s and yellow-bellied banded and observed. Sparrows have been sparse with a few local breeding hatch-year white-throated sparrows hanging around and a couple of early white-crowned sparrows that were observed for a few days. Chipping sparrows are numerous and small flocks have been seen most days. In contrast to last year red-breasted nuthatch and black-capped chickadee have been few and far between thus far. Spotted sandpipers have been seen along the shore of basin on and off and 4 semi-palmated sandpipers were observed on the 16th. Flocks anywhere from 40 – 100 of double-crested cormorants have been seen daily. The bald eagles have successfully fledged 2 young and the adults and young seem to be hanging out further west near Rocky Bay but have been seen fishing in the basin. Ducks seen so far include; mallard, gadwall, common merganser and hooded merganser. Migration will continue to increase at temperatures drop so stay tuned for sightings here.

Andrew Sawyer

Number banded for the period 2013: 153

Number banded for the period 2012: 147

2013 season total: 153