Infinite blue!

If there were birds today, they were certainly fly high in the blue infinity of the sky! The night was clear and calm, perfect conditions for birds to migrate. And it was still clear and calm in the morning, a little cool too. Birds were definitively not abundant at Cabot Head,m to say the least.

It is possible that birds were more inland, as the cool shoreline was a deterrent to bug activity. Furthermore, given the beautiful weather conditions, birds were certainly spread out all over. Anyway, those are simply my speculations to try to understand the lack of birds here!

We managed to get a new arrival, though: a fancy jewel, in its charcoal and orange coat, back after a winter in the West Indies. It was, of course, a male American Redstart!

Can you believe that no White-crowned Sparrows have been detected yet this spring? What kind of a season is this? Still no Ruby-throated Hummingbird either…

Patience, they say, is a virtue!