Stéphane’s Posting for Oct. 19/10

Early Risers

As usual, we opened nets half an hour before sunrise. These days, it means the late time of 7:15am, really no big deal compared to the 5 o’clock of June mornings. As we were coming back to the station on the driveway, a big, black, furry ball was walking towards us. We squatted and waited. The moving form turned – of course – into a black bear, who was walking unaware, using the ease of travel a human-made road provides.

Luckily or not (depending on point of view), the wind was in our backs, meaning the bear will sooner or later smell us. It eventually did, seemed a bit surprised, and simply turned around and walked away. It entered the forest then, in a hurried pace. It was still more than 60 metres away when it smelled us (we probably should shower more). It thus was a very kind and relaxed encounter.