Unusual birds banded!

Here’s a young female Belted Kingfisher! In the last 14 years, we have banded only 11 of them, always in the fall.



On September 4, we caught a young Black-billed Cuckoo. It is only the fourth fall season when this species was caught! Previously, one bird was banding in 2002, five in 2003, and one in 2012. Black-billed Cuckoos are captured slightly more often in the spring: ten birds in five seasons.


A young male Scarlet Tanager was banded on September 8. This species is captured occasionally in the fall but always in small numbers: in the last 14 years, only 12 Scarlet Tanagers were banded in seven fall seasons.


3 Comments on “Unusual birds banded!

  1. The Kingfisher is truly a highlight.

    I echo Beth Anne’s remarks! I appreciate the comments on previous numbers etc. Your continuity there is also most valuable.

  2. I so enjoyed viewing those photos of the birds. This spring, I was fortunate to see the male Scarlet Tanager in our bush. I saw one on two different walks in our bush. These were my very first sightings of this beautiful bird.

  3. Lovely photos! Well done and thank you for your great work, historical research and context-making and of course the photography and explanations!

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